Amira Wellness Activities

Hope is the Power of Life and Fuel of Our Dreams 

“I forget what you said
I forget what you did
but, I never forget how you make me feel”

Humor, Health and Aging

You don’t stop having fun when you get old
You get old when you stop having fun

Somehow we always find time to work, and time to cry. You can work alone and may often be alone when you cry, but when you laugh the world laughs with you. To really be happy you have to make time to laugh. Humor is the most powerful healer and creator of happiness. Smiles are contagious!

Laughter is Contagious

Just hearing others laugh and having fun will encourage everyone to join in

                    What is hard for one can be easily done                                   With one plus one plus one          

  • Listen to Amira being interviewed by Siham Awada Jaafar on WDHT TV news about Your Wellness Center, Activities Service and what it can do for you

Don’t give up while you still have something to give!

Auricular acupressure is a painless treatment that uses seeds or pellets placed at specific meridian points in the ear. A guest of Dr. Oz explains the treatment and benefits when placed in the ear.

Amira has been using auricular acupuncture/acupressure in combination with Reiki treatment for many years, with great success.

Reiki and Auricular Acupuncture - "Its Like Getting A Massage For Your Self-conscience

“Hope is the Power of Life and Fuel of Our Dreams”